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Why GA Lending Services?

We have a wealth of experience helping people find the best mortgage or finance solution to help them achieve their long-term goals.

Handling a wide variety of services for our clients, we are here to help you workshop every scenario so you can choose the best for your lifestyle and family.

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Our Services

We offer a broad range of different services to help you find the right mortgage or finance solution.



Take out a new mortgage to repay an existing loan, so you can consolidate debts or secure a better rate.


Investment Home Loans

Diving into the property investment pool always sounds a little more daunting than it is.


Personal Loans

Tailored to take you where you want to be, whether it's a renovation, a holiday or to consolidate debt.


First Home Buyer Loans

Dipping your toes into the property pool for the first time? Let us guide you through the process.

What Our Clients Say

"Davina’s support during our loan application was fantastic. She explained everything in detail, worked to our needs, was patient and also pleasant to work with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone."
"GA Lending Services listened to what we wanted and were honest about what would realistically work for us to achieve our short and long term financial goals. There service was fast and reliable and the process was well communicated to us the entire time."
"I have found Green Associates as a firm to be efficient and professional and focussed on the client as an individual with individual plans and aspirations.  The people who make up the team are attentive and responsive  - you don't have to tell your story twice - and always extremely friendly.  They are a pleasure to deal with."

Our Team

Meet the team that will help you get the best mortgage or finance solution.

How do we work?

We have a tried, tested and proven five-step process.

Step 1. Goals

Contact us and book a time to come in and chat with our expert team.

Step 2. Research

We complete the pre-qualification process and work out affordability.

Step 3. Decision

We discuss your options with you so you can choose your preferred option.

Step 4. Process Loan

We do all the paperwork and negotiate the best deal for you.

Step 5. Settlement & Beyond

Once your loan settles, we continue to look after you!

Get started with our free guides

Becoming a First Home Buyer

Looking to buy your first home? Here are the important things to know before you borrow and what to consider when it comes to getting the right loan.

Investing in Property

Looking to invest in property? Find out if property is the right place to build your wealth and get smart when it comes to financing your property investment.

Securing Business Finance

Looking for the right business finance? Financing your business is less about borrowing money, and more about making an investment in your business success.

Financial Calculators

Home Loans & Mortgage Calculators

Explore these tools to estimate your home loan repayments, borrowing power, savings using an offset account and more. Plus, compare different loans as well as buy/sell and buy/rent scenarios.

Personal Finance Calculators

Gain clarity on your personal finances by figuring out exactly how much you earn annually, planning for daily and large expenses and calculating repayments on financed assets.

Savings Calculators

Assess how much you need to deposit and for how long to reach a goal and see how compound interest amplifies your savings.

Home Loan Borrowing Power Calculator

Estimate how much you could potentially borrow based on your income, expenses, plus the interest rate and term of your loan.

Learn More About Green Associates

At GA Lending Services, we're not just lending experts, we also have decades of cumulative experience from our award-winning financial planners at Green Associates.